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Paul Johnson’s Running the London Marathon!

What do you do if you hate running? Sign up for the London Marathon of course!

After climbing mountains, Skydiving, Cycling or walking I have accepted the challenge to run the London marathon 2020.

As someone with a self-confessed hatred for running this to me is the biggest challenge I have taken on to date, however, as I will be running for Team Mikayla and trying to raise £2000 for this wonderful Wantage based charity, this has focused my mind to push through the mental block I have for running and concentrate on the children that will benefit from the funds raised from this truly prestigious event.

If you can donate to this event it is much appreciated or if you know someone or a company that may want to donate, please forward it on to them. If your company would like to sponsor me, we will obviously get your company logo added to my running vest for the big day and also to the Team Mikayla website and social media posts to advertise how much a role model you are? :)

Thanks in advance and please follow me on day or via the tracker I will post on social media so you too can see how I’m getting. Dream, Pray, Miracles all the way.


To download and share a flyer click here.

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Paul Johnson’s Running the London Marathon!