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About Us

Who Are Team Mikayla?

A charity inspired by a 13 year old child who has being fighting brain cancer from the age of 4. Mikayla told her mum she would like to help other children with cancer. From an ill child's request Team Mikayla was born.

What Do Team Mikayla Do?

Raise funds to provide wishes to children who have been diagnosed with cancer or leukaemia and receive treatment via Kamran's Ward of the JR Hospital in Oxford and Leicester Royal Infirmary. wishes include gifts for the ill child or a day out for the whole family. Parents are able to request an application form by contacting us via Email or Telephone (see contact details).

Activities like fetes, raffles etc, or large sponsored events for example sponsored sky dive to events further afield like a trip to Africa where our team climbed Kilimanjaro. All events whether large or small, all add to the pot of funds we use to buy wishes of children fighting cancer.

Tell Me More About Mikayla

Mikayla was diagnosed with brain cancer (Ganglioglioma) at the age of 4. She has been fighting this brain tumour ever since and has undergone chemotherapy along with numerous surgical procedures and of course multiple investigations, scans and interventions. The tumour has severely affected her sight in her right eye and has limited the vision in her left eye. She is a fully active member of Hanney Brownies and along with her 3 brothers and 1 sister enjoys life to the full.

Mikayla is our inspiration, our drive and our determination. Dream, Pray, Miracles all the way……..

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